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The CRM system for freelance recruiters.

Increase your success in recruiting with akoni.

The powerful CRM system for headhunters and recruiters! A modern ALLinONE CRM software solution in a class of its own! The management CRM system offers you everything you have always wanted for successful recruitment.

E-Recruiting from Akoni, which brings a significant step forward for the recruiter and headhunter.

Efficient customer management

With comprehensive customer management and sustainable contact conversation tracking, you keep your customer in focus and show them your importance and significance in your staffing needs inquiries.

Fast candidate capture

Akoni Recruiting Systems UG offers you a comprehensive candidate management with CV parser, performance evaluation, matching tool and filtering. Ideal for all independent recruiters

Projects and services lead to success

Projects are the core of your recruitment work. This gives you an overview of your placement progress, your financial balances and So get a complete overview of your successes throughout the year!

E-mail communication

Professional Email Templates for

  • Serial letters
  • Newsletter
  • Invoices
  • Customer letter
  • etc...

Data import and integration

The heart of any recruiter is their contact information with clients, candidates and many others.

We make your move easy!

crm system

The CRM system leads you to success!

We understand the daily challenges you face in finding top talent for your clients, even though the market seems to have been swept clean. With the e-recruiting system from akoni you can overcome these obstacles and maximize your headhunting results.

  • Increase your efficiency

From intelligent candidate search to seamless communication. Because we have all the tools to recruit effectively. Together, we make headhunting a stress-free experience.

Faster than the others!

Save valuable time and increase your efficiency with the Management CRM System from akoni.

Our innovative management CRM system offers you intelligent search algorithms that allow you to target the best candidates. Thanks to automated workflows and user-friendly tools, you can optimize your workflows and focus on the essentials:

Identifying and attracting the right talent for your customers.

Make your work easier and let akoni help you achieve successful headhunting results.

CRM system from Akoni has everything under control

The management CRM system includes:

crm system for candidate search

Comprehensive candidate search

Discover hidden talents and quickly find the perfect candidate for every vacancy.
With akoni you can build up an extensive candidate database and use powerful search functions to access and expand your data pool again and again. If you maintain your data akoni can filter out suitable candidates for your project again and again. Due to the high speed of the recruiting software, you are always ahead of your competition.

Contact crm system screenshot | Akoni Recruiting System

Efficient workflows

Increase your productivity and reduce the administrative effort, because akoni offers automated workflows and intuitive tools to simplify your daily tasks. From candidate management to communication with clients. Always have your protocols at hand and know what others have agreed to, if applicable.

Candidate profile in crm system

Intelligent Insights

Learn more about your candidates and make informed decisions. akoni provides valuable insights and analysis on candidate profiles to help you make the best selection decisions.

Use data-driven insights to optimize your headhunting strategy and guarantee successful placements.

The Management CRM Software from akoni is a complete CRM system for independent recruiters and offers you much more...

Akoni convinces from the start

Our renowned HR consultancy has been using Akoni's CRM system since 2018. The reliability, intuitive operation and impressive speed compared to other e-recruiting solutions have convinced us. Our satisfaction is high, and we look forward to continuing to reap the benefits of a successful collaboration with Akoni in the future.

Eugen Schauermann Consulting

Eugen Schauermann