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Software for recruiters

From the candidate database to the matching-tool - the CRM system from akoni supports you in identifying and successfully placing the best candidate for each vacant position. Use our advanced features to track candidate communication, create profiles and optimize your workflow.

Candidate selection

Software for recruiters

Recruiter software helps recruiters streamline the hiring process.

Most recruiter software can perform some or all of the following tasks:


  1. Sourcing Talent: Sourcing is about recruiters finding and attracting qualified candidates. Recruitment software can be particularly valuable in identifying passive candidates who might not otherwise see a company's job postings.
  2. Resume review: With the help of the recruiter software, the recruiter automatically collects eligible candidates and resumes to evaluate you. This makes it easier to identify those who have the most relevant skills related to the job description.
  3. Get in touch with candidates: Recruiter software helps streamline communication between the recruiter and candidates, such as email templates and centralized notes for the hiring team. This helps keep candidates engaged and informed throughout the hiring process. This potentially improves the recruiter's placement rate.
  4. Candidate selection: To speed up the process of selecting qualified candidates, software for recruiters may offer features such as artificial intelligence screening, assessments and ratings, and more.
    Sending offer letters: Software for recruiters from Akoni can create customizable offer letter templates that automatically populate candidate information for each position, job type, and other requirements. They allow candidates to accept offers with an electronic signature, which speeds up the candidate engagement process.

Candidates database

The software for recruiters from akoni guards your most valuable asset and that, besides your clients, is the database of all your candidates.

The candidate database of akoni offers you a central and structured platform for storing and managing all candidate profiles. You have a comprehensive overview of your candidates and can quickly access all relevant information.

The database allows you to record and store candidates' personal information, work experience, skills and qualifications. In addition, you have access to the communication history with the candidates in order to track the course of interactions. With the help of reminders you can keep track of important dates and tasks related to candidates and ensure that no important steps are overlooked. The software for recruiters from akoni helps you to make your recruiting processes efficient, select the right candidates for your projects and ensure a transparent and organized way of working.

CV Importer

The software for recruiters from akoni also includes a CV importer. This makes the management of candidate profiles even easier and saves time.

You can easily import resumes from PDFs and Word documents and have the relevant information automatically transferred to the candidate profiles. This function saves you valuable time and minimizes the manual effort required for data entry.

The CV-Importer analyzes the imported documents and extracts the important details such as personal data, work experience, skills and qualifications. This way you have all relevant information clearly stored in the candidate profiles and can search specifically for the information you need.

With the CV-Importer from akoni you optimize your workflow and always have up-to-date and complete candidate profiles at hand to make the best possible decisions and select the right candidates for your projects.

Tagging function

The tagging function in akoni allows you to effectively organize and categorize your data. You can tag candidate profiles to mark specific skills, interests or other relevant criteria. These tags make it easier for you to quickly identify the right candidates for specific vacancies. In the recruiter software, you have a user-friendly tagging feature that allows you to easily manage your candidate profiles and search specifically for the information you need. This will save you valuable time sifting through large amounts of data and allow you to use your candidate profiles more efficiently. Whether you are looking for specific skills, experience or qualifications - with the tagging function of akoni you can maintain an overview and quickly find suitable candidates for your projects.

Matching tool

The Matching-tool from akoni is a powerful tool that helps you find the best candidates for your projects from the candidate database. You have the option to either actively search for matching candidates or let the system proactively make suggestions when you create a new project.

The tool uses intelligent algorithms to match candidate profiles with the requirements and criteria of your job offers. This gives you a targeted selection of candidates who best match the requirements of your projects. You can use various filters and search criteria to further refine the results to get the most accurate matches.

The Matching-tool saves you valuable time and makes it easier for you to select the most suitable candidates for your projects. With the software for recruiters from Akoni recruiter software, you can be sure that you will always work with the right candidates and successfully implement your projects.