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The crm tools for small business can be fully customized to your needs. Whether it is email - templates or personalized cover letters in form letters or newsletters. The CRM system from akoni offers you everything you need to create templates.

Here are akoni you the opportunity:

Template creation

Creating letterheads and footers

Design your letterhead quickly and elegantly with your Cooparate Identity.

  • Create appealing letterheads
  • create individual entries in the letter footer
  • Create Email Templates with Placeholders
  • Select prefabricated template - frameworks
  • edit the address individually.
  • Insert graphics and images into templates.
  • much more ....
Placeholder Email Templates

Create Email Templates with Placeholders

Design your e-mails with a personalized individual address directly by name. For this purpose akoni placeholders. This makes your cover letter simple and allows you to invite all your candidates, e.g. to an event, with just a few clicks.
With a small module fee you also receive chatGPT to support your text formulations.

Scaffold Templates

Select prefabricated template frameworks

There are template frameworks for every purpose, for every form of emailing.

Selection before email images from a catalog

Use graphics and images in templates

So your email will always look appealing. Pictures say more than 1000 words. Graphics and images convey emotions that emphasize the content and make it more understandable.

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Creating an invoice made easy

Create invoices

With just a few clicks, you can create the invoice for your customer and customize it with templates you have created yourself. You can then send your invoice to your customer by email or print it out and send it by post.

Team pictures

With the team picture you are able to combine employees into teams, which then have their own clients, candidates and projects that no one else outside the team has insight into or access to.