Customer management software

With the customer management software from akoni you always have all your customers under control. So you can always quickly find your appointments and agreements.

All customer management software at a glance

The intelligent customer management of Akoni

With clever functions supports akoni helps you effectively manage and maintain customer relationships. From customer data management to tracking customer history, akoni provides akoni offers practical tools to optimize customer interaction and build long-term business relationships.

Customer profile

The customer profile feature allows you to create and manage comprehensive profiles for your customers. You can store all relevant information such as contact details, company information, positions, preferences and purchase history in one central place. With this feature of the customer management software, you have a complete overview of your customers and can develop personalized interactions and offers. By creating customer profiles, you can better understand your customers' needs and preferences and offer customized solutions. Moreover, the customer profile feature supports efficient teamwork, as all employees have access to the relevant customer data. With Akoni you can optimize customer care, increase customer satisfaction, and build long-term customer relationships.

Customer profile in the customer management software from Akoni
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Customer history

-The customer history function in akoni provides you with a comprehensive overview of past interactions and activities with your customers. Here you can store and track all communication history, notes, emails, calls and meetings. By recording and analyzing customer history in the customer management software, you can gain valuable insights into the customer relationship, understand past offers and responses, and develop personalized solutions. The feature enables effective teamwork and promotes information sharing. Moreover, by analyzing past sales opportunities, you can identify trends, understand customer preferences, and develop strategies to increase customer satisfaction and sales. The customer history feature in Akoni helps you proactively manage customer relationships and maximize the success of your sales activities.

Create tasks in the customer management software

Appointment and task management

With the task management function in akoni you always keep track of all pending tasks related to your clients and projects. This feature allows you to create, organize and effectively track tasks. You can tag tasks with specific details such as due dates, priorities and responsibilities to ensure that nothing is overlooked. The clear presentation of the task list gives you a clear overview of all pending tasks and allows you to manage them efficiently. You can also track the progress of individual tasks, add comments, and attach files to improve communication and collaboration. With the task management feature in the customer management software from Akoni, streamline your workflow and ensure that all tasks are completed on time.

Customers manage contracts specifications and agreements.

Offer and contract management

akoni provides you with an efficient quote and contract management function that allows you to easily organize and manage your quotes and contracts. With this function, you can quickly and easily create professional quotes and send them to your customers. You can access ready-made templates and customize them individually. Contract management allows you to create, save and manage contracts. You have a clear overview of all current contracts, can monitor contract terms and deadlines, and set up automatic notifications for upcoming contract renewals. By storing all relevant documents and information centrally, you can access your quotes and contracts at any time. With the offer and contract management function in akoni you simplify the entire process of quotation and contract management and increase efficiency in your company.

customer management software

Accurate call tracking

    • What has your colleague agreed with your customer?
    • Have you already had a conversation, possibly in the last year?
    • Who corresponded with whom and when?

Here you have an overview of all your customer conversations.

The customer management software.

With the customer management of akoni you have all your business processes with your customer and the customer contacts in one tool. This way you have your business relationship in a detailed history even after years.

Customer Management Software

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many tasks become a minor matter thanks to the customer management software from akoni!


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