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Project Management CRM

The Management CRM from akoni for effective management, organization and collaboration in your recruiting projects. The summary of your project inquiries is THE central point to handle all your customer inquiries and orders.

CRM Software from Akoni

Project management with the Management CRM System from akoni

The entire recruiting process is managed centrally under your projects. All requirements of your advertisement as well as all appointments and candidate proposals are centrally created here. From there, you have complete control over the course of your recruiting processes.

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Quick overview

Quick overview

Keep the full overview of your projects. You will find all important information such as orders, candidate profiles and pending tasks at a glance. Because time is money. Therefore be the first!

Efficient management

Enjoy full control over project and candidate status, design customized workflows, delegate tasks, and facilitate communication with integrated tools.

Document management

Create professional documents from ready-made templates, customize them, and store them securely in the cloud according to DSGVO.

Optimized Management CRM System

Efficient task management, team assignments, and progress monitoring for increased productivity and no overlooked tasks.

Appointments in the CRM system of Akoni

Precise time recording

Accurately record and track employee hours and get a comprehensive view of effort time for various projects and tasks. 
Project overview

Project overview

Akoni offers you a comprehensive and clear presentation of all important information about your projects. With just one glance you get access to relevant data, candidate profiles, upcoming tasks and recent activities around the project. The communication overview allows you to track all relevant conversations and interactions related to the project. With this detailed project overview, you can always stay on top of things and work more efficiently. Maximize your productivity and increase the success of your projects with Akoni.

Recruiting project management

With akoni you can efficiently manage your recruiting projects. You have full control over the project and candidate status and can design them according to your individual workflows. From the entry of new projects to the placement of candidates - akoni supports you at every step of the process. Seamless communication with your clients is facilitated by integrated communication tools, so you can always stay up to date and share information transparently. You can also delegate tasks to your team, assign responsibilities and track progress. With akoni you retain full control over your recruiting projects and increase the efficiency of your workflows.

Project Overview Form
Templates creation

Document creation and management with DSGVO-compliant data management

Benefit from efficient document creation with akoni: Create time-saving documents such as candidate profiles and invoices from a variety of ready-made templates. Our intuitive software tool allows you to make individual adjustments and generate professional documents with just a few clicks. With our secure cloud storage, all relevant documents are available to you and your employees online at any time. At Akoni, we attach great importance to the protection of your sensitive data and strict compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our data storage is done on servers in Europe to ensure that your data is stored in accordance with strict European data protection standards. We do everything we can to ensure your confidentiality and data security so that you can focus fully on your recruiting business while we take care of the secure management of your documents.

Calendar and task management for optimal time management

With akoni you have full control over your appointments and tasks. Use our integrated calendar to manage your appointments efficiently. The calendar provides you with a clear view of your scheduled activities and allows you to synchronize with Outlook for seamless integration into your workflow. In addition, our task management allows you to create tasks related to projects or sales activities and assign them to your team. Keep track of progress, delegate tasks to the right people and analyze time spent to increase your efficiency. With akoni you optimize your time management and make sure that no important task is overlooked.

Calendar week overview

Complete overview in the optimized Management CRM!

With our CRM management software solution you keep the full overview of your projects. From important data and candidates to upcoming tasks, the latest activities and all communication -.

All information is available at a glance. Book a demo and see for yourself. This is how optimized project management works with akoni.

All in one hand: akoni

Filter candidates individually

Filter your candidates according to your needs with the required qualifications and include them in the project.


In the document archive, you have all the documents you need for the project at your fingertips.

Iventa advertising portal

The advertising portal allows you to advertise job ads in over 2500 German and foreign language online platforms, partly free of charge.

E-Recruiting laptop view of the software

Send email to customer

With the email templates already created, you create emails tailored to the customer and send your profiles to your customer as a suggestion.

Project progress

With the progress of the project, you have an overview of the success of the recruitment with Akoni's Management CRM system at any time.


Interview transcript

Clearly and quickly you can see when and who has agreed something with whom.