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Recruitment Software

Staffing software helps companies streamline the hiring process. Most recruitment software can perform some or all of the following tasks:


Sourcing is about recruiters finding and attracting qualified candidates. Recruitment software can be particularly valuable in identifying passive candidates who might not otherwise see a company's job ads.

Resume Review:

Once a job becomes available, the recruitment software automatically collects applications and resumes for recruiters to evaluate. This makes it easier to identify those with the most relevant skills related to the job description.

Connect with candidates:

Recruitment software helps streamline communication between recruiters and candidates, with email templates and centralized notes for the hiring team, for example. This helps keep candidates engaged and informed throughout the hiring process, which can improve a company's hiring rate.

Selection of candidates:

To speed up the process of selecting qualified candidates, recruiting software may offer features such as artificial intelligence screening, assessments and evaluations, and more.

Sending offer letters:

Recruitment software can create customizable offer letter templates that automatically populate candidate information for each position, job type, and other requirements. They allow candidates to accept offers with an electronic signature, which speeds up the candidate engagement process.

Recruitment and Onboarding:

Finally, some companies may use a Recruiting softwarethat manages the actual hiring step and bridges the gap between candidate and employee experience, making the transition as smooth as possible for new employees leaving the hiring filter.