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The software for recruiters from akoni is an e-recruiting software solution designed specifically for external recruiters and headhunters. It is a fast and powerful electronic candidate management software designed for the placement of professionals and executives.


E Recruiting Working with Akoni is really fun

E - Recruiting Work with Akoni is really fun


The CRM software as an online SaaS application.

An efficient CRM software solution, web-based and fully customizable.

The CRM system from akoni for independent recruiters, offers an employee hierarchy as well as a common appointment and task management. Candidates can be created with a few clicks via the imported resume and a corresponding profile can be created from it.

Always available where you have internet access.



Optimized for tablets & desktops!

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CV parser

Take your recruiting experience to a whole new level with our powerful resume parser! Your candidates are automatically captured and a professional profile is created - all without tedious typing. In just a few minutes, you'll have created a flawless profile that you can email to your client as a professional proposal. This means you are always one step ahead of your competitors and set new standards in terms of efficiency and speed in recruiting.



Edit project profile
Candidate table of the akoni e-Recruiting software for recruiters

Found in seconds from thousands of candidates.

Our E Recruiting System from akoni is suitable for all your companies and projects. Filter, search and select from thousands of candidates quickly and easily as never before.

  • No waiting
  • Changes possible directly in the table
  • Immediate access, as all data is already available 

Around the clock whether in the office or on the road!

Create ads

Using a template, you can easily edit an ad and immediately see how it will appear.

With the display editor

Unleash the full power of online recruiting with the revolutionary software from akoni! In no time at all, conjure up your perfect online ad using our highly customizable template elements - all without the stress and time you've been used to. Let's work together to take your recruiting success to a whole new level!

Publish ad

On the Ads Dashboard you will find all information about publishing and about publishing your ads!

Put ad online

On more than 250 online portals you have the possibility to place your ad. At the same time you have an overview of all your ads,

  • The portals
  • The term
  • The cost

The access is free of charge without obligation and can be cancelled at any time.

Show portal

Before the advertisement publication you can register without obligation and free of charge!

Free registration

Access to the advertising portal at Akoni through our partner Iventa is free of charge and completely without obligation. The online portal of the Iventa Group Holding GmbH is a non-binding additional service of akoni. An access to akoni is independent from an account at Iventa!

Candidate Matching

Candidate matching of the akoni e-Recruiting software for recruiters

The HR software solution

Filter with the e-recruiting software from akoni quickly filter out your candidates according to customer requirements. Add them to the suggestion list with just a few clicks.

Employee management

Flexible employee management with akoni e-Recruiting software for recruiters

Flexible staffing software

Employees come and go. Working with the e-recruiting software from akoni does not get any gaps.
Simply take over your colleague's entries before he leaves your company. His reports and comments will always remain in the system!

Integrated calendar

Appointment calendar for all employees in the akoni e-Recruiting software for recruiters

Everything terminated

The Headhunter Software from akoni already has an appointment calendar in the basic version. This way you keep track of all appointments of you and your colleagues in days/weeks/months.

Create templates

Easily create templates for all your candidates and companies

In the post office you can ...

  • Unlimited create your own templates for email messages to candidates or companies.
  • Use placeholders to create individual e-mails and address your recipients personally.

Embed graphics

Using a self-uploaded image palette you can easily embed images into your template

For all your templates

  • Format all text in an attractive layout.
  • Integrate your own images into your emails and manage them with just a few clicks.

Edit to full screen

Edit all your templates and profiles in full screen mode

Form letter by exelance

With the full screen mode you design all your templates and series emails easily and clearly. This is how the recruitment software from akoni a round thing.

Complete data import

A change to the recruitment software from akoni is done quickly and without losing your customer master data.

The recruiting system imports all your customer data and candidate profiles into your akoni database, so that you can continue working immediately without much effort.

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Data conversion & data import with akoni e-Recruiting software for recruiters

Communication flow

Document your complete communication history with your customer in the categories:

  • Phone Calls
  • Sales Calls
  • Client Visit

Transparent and clear for every employee. So you always have all information of your customers directly at hand! The recruiting software from akoni offers you everything you need as a recruiter for your daily work!

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Communication flow with the akoni e-Recruiting software for recruiters

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